*When you restart press p again

Please read controls

You are the stealthy "I" spy robot from the future. Now you must find a way out of the heavily guarded advanced facility that has captured you. Dodge high tech robots and make sure to gather the key to escape. Green doors are opened with keys, red doors are opened by robots so time your escape right., Cameras will alert bad buys but you have a bit of time before it sounds the alarm.

WASD = Movement
Space = Jump
Escape = Pause Menu*
*When you restart press p again

Play in full screen
Please note that this is an early prototype so there are bound to be some bugs

Have Fun!

Install instructions

Download the  Zip file
Unzip the file
Locate the game file
If windows gives you a prompt click more and then run.



Stealthy Spy (9).zip 42 MB


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Really like this game, thanks!